Mrs Hinch fans praise ‘essential’ item for banishing limescale build-up without scrubbing

As far as cleaning tasks go, tackling limescale build-up at the back of your toilet is one of the most tedious. It can be tempting to ignore it, but the longer you leave it, the trickier it can be to remove.

Limescale and discolouration can build up over time, which can cause unsightly brown-coloured staining that requires serious elbow grease to remove.

Limescale is a hard, chalky substance mainly made up of calcium carbonate. It is a common problem in areas with hard water, i.e. water with high dissolved mineral content.

If you’re sick of the sight of your toilet bowl and have no idea how to remove the stain build-up, fear not, as Mrs Hinch fans have come up with the perfect solution to banish grim stains without any scrubbing.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, someone asked: “Advice please – how do I get my toilet white again?”

She explained that she goes to the loo during the night, but doesn’t flush, and as a result limescale staining has built up. She also said she’d been using zero-limescale toilet cleaner, saying it was a bit better, but she thought there was probably a better and more efficient way to make her loo look as good as new.

In the comments, there was a favoured method of removing limescale – and it’s using a dishwasher tablet.

One wrote: “If you have a dishwasher tablet, you can drop one in and it works in an hour or so. Works every time.”

Another said a dishwasher tablet removes even stubborn stains, commenting: “Drop a dishwasher tablet in the toilet and leave as long as you can before flushing it removes even thick and stubborn limescale.”

Cleaning experts at Kitchn also recommend using this kitchen essential to remove limescale from the toilet.

They said: “When it’s time to tackle the bathroom, start by dropping a dishwasher tablet into the toilet bowl.

“Then, do the sink, floors, and shower, and save the toilet for last. This way, the tablet will have had time to dissolve a bit and should make scrubbing the toilet bowl a breeze. You can also use the tablet to erase rings left behind by hard water.”

Morrisons Savers dishwasher tablets can be currently bought for £2.49 for 40.