Huge queues for Sunday roast at garden centre – but punters say it’s an ‘ordeal’

A garden centre has people queuing outside of the front door, but people eating there have slammed the place for being so busy as ‘half of the town’ have flocked there.

While a garden centre is not the first place that springs to mind when it comes to going out for a Sunday roast, there is one place in Manchester that has people queueing outside of its doors though.

The popular Bents Garden and Home in Leigh, Manchester has become well known for their dining options, report Manchester Evening News.

Their menu regulalrly changes, and what brings the customers in is their seasonal range – which includes the Winter Food Market – selling pudding wraps and other festive favourites.

One customer says she decided to visit the well-esteemed joint one Sunday, but was left shocked as “it seemed half of Greater Manchester had the same idea.”

All mum, Emma Gill, could see for miles on end that people queuing everywhere, with “no seating left in the market area at all.”

She continued to say: “It was like some sort of human Spaghetti Junction, made up of people questioning their life choices by intensifying their Sunday afternoon this way, but keeping one eye on the prize – food!

“That’s when the next problem arose. The most disappointing Chinese whisper filtered along the queue – ‘we’re out of turkey’.”

Unfortunately, the day kept on going from bad to worse as Emma recalled her husband coming back with a cold sandwich, after braving it to wait for his food in a separate queue.

However, the journalist was adamant on staying in the line for the garden centre’s famous roast dinner, which she said was made up with a giant Yorkshire pudding on the top.

But, unfortunately for Emma, the absence of turkey meant they were offering pigs in blankets with the beef instead.

And once again, the disorganisation of the Winter Food Market shone through and sparked a bad light on Emma’s experience, as the family were forced to queue to collect their meals, and then once again to pay at the tills.

She said: “Wanting to avoid any more queuing I asked could I order desserts here too. The answer? ‘well, yes, but not all of them’. It turned out I could order the Biscoff cheesecakes to come to the table, but I’d have to queue separately for the carrot cake.

“Perhaps it was my face saying what my mind was thinking, but at this point the cashier offered that her colleague would go and get the carrot cake for me ‘to make it easier’. Thank goodness for that.”

The mum however praised the quality of the food, despite having to wait around so long to get it, saying that the beef dinner was the “standard you’d expect from a high end restaurant”.

But she added her children were “a bit sad and cold,” after being forced to wait for each individual meal to come to their table.

To add to the confusion, just five minutes after being seated, the mum said that a separate waitress bought them their desserts, “holding two cheesecakes and put just one on the table, with the second one meant for someone else.”

Despite the palava of queuing, the mum said that the visit was “worth every penny”, adding: “With a main, a dessert and drink each, the total bill came to £76.15 for the four of us – more than you’d expect to spend eating at a garden centre, but this place is much more than that.”

But while the food met her high expectations, the mum was left let down by the faff of queuing so much, saying that it was “such an ordeal”.

On contacting Bents customer service regarding the issue, a spokesperson said: “Thank you for contacting us regarding your dining experience at Bents and we are sorry it did not meet the high levels of service we aim to deliver. We work very hard to make sure our customers always have an enjoyable experience with us so we have looked into your feedback to ensure we can improve for the future.

“Turkey has proved to be a very popular choice, with lots of customers embracing the festive period, and whilst we try to ensure we have enough supplies we are sorry that you were unable to order your first choice. However, we hope the beef, which was on our specials menu, was a good alternative.

“We aim to ensure all of our food, including our Biscoff cheesecake which is made to order due to dietary requirements, is freshly prepared to order which is why there may be some differences in delivery times, but we work hard to try and ensure this is kept to a minimum and can only apologise for your experience due to our dining areas being so busy.

“We are working hard with our colleagues to ensure we continue to deliver the very best service possible during the festive period.”